Your Health Matters to Us

Having a healthy body has numerous benefits. From sleeping and feeling physically better to combating diseases, helping your mood and lowering stress, your health is complex but also manageable.

For example, while Minnesota can have long winters, with the right diet, right supplements, and a little ambition you can still stay active and enhance your well being. At Montgomery Family Chiropractic we encourage you to stay active and healthy; and when things go a little sideways or you need some guidance, we are always here to assist.

The staff of Montgomery Family Chiropractic standing in front of the nutritional supplement display inside their office

Nutritional Supplements

Aside from physical adjustments, the next aspect of your health we can assist with is diet. Montgomery Family Chiropractic offers complete nutritional supplements tailored to your personal needs. Along with supplements, we can recommend diet changes and general meal plans to assist in overall dietary health.

The foods you eat (and those you don’t), as well as the portion sizes you intake have a huge impact on how you feel — both physically and mentally. Your best bet is to contact us for additional information regarding our dietary insights and Nutritional Supplements.

Young woman laying on a massage table while undergoing a massage therapy treatment

Massage Therapy

At Montgomery Family Chiropractic, we have an array of massage offerings. We strive to help individuals with everything from sports injuries and post-surgery conditions to auto accident traumas and general daily discomfort.

Considered one of the oldest healing arts, massage therapy is a widely-accepted practice for many physical rehabilitation programs. When used together with chiropractor adjustments, massage therapy proves beneficial for various chronic conditions, including lower back pain, arthritis, and fatigue.

Aside from improving chronic conditions, one of our professional massages can help relieve the stresses of your busy everyday life — which can improve your overall mood and happiness. And since mood and happiness is a direct reflection on your health, massage therapy is a winner.